A Working Party of the Poole Maritime Trust.

With effect from the 23rd April 2013 arrangements are in hand for the transfer of the adminstration of PHHP to the Poole Maritime Trust (PMT) subject to all formalities being completed. PHHP has now become a Working Party of the PMT and will continue with the object of studying the history of Poole Harbour and its immediate environs, and to promulgate the results of that study to the public.

Regular meetings will be held involving local groups and interested individuals.

Study Groups

These are divided in to four main categories:-

i The natural development of the harbour

ii Man made changes

iii Settlements in and around the harbour

iv Industry - trade, transport and recreation associated with the harbour .

(see Meeting News).

Background.  Initiated by Teddy Neville-Jones of Poole Maritime Trust an inaugural meeting of the Poole Harbour Project took place on the 2nd February 1998 and a Steering Committee was formed with invitations to all interested groups to join in furthering the objects of the Project. In 2001 the Project registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee and as a Charity. The Steering Committee meets every 2 to 3 months and is made of any interested individual or representative from local societies or groups.

Main groups participating:-
Poole Maritime Trust, Bournemouth University, Dorset County Council, Dorset Coastal Forum, Poole Bay Archaeology (Divers) , Poole Museum Service. Poole Harbour Commission. National Trust, Plus other individual members for various local societies.

Documentary research.

PMT/PHHP encourages documentary research and members from local societies are currently  involved in transcribing copies from the Local and National Archive, the results of which will be made available at the Office. (rooms above Canford Cliffs, library) 6 Western Road Canford Cliffs. Individuals or members from Local History who are interested in being involved are welcome to attend.